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Celebrate your parties with a stunning, delectable cake that adds sweetness to your day!


Qt: 5 kgs


Flavor: Fruit Filling cake 


Available for delivery across Hyderabad.


Important Cake Information:

  • The images displayed on the website are for representation purposes, captured with high-end cameras and enhanced with graphics. The actual cake may have an 80-90% similarity to the photo due to variations in designs by different chefs.
  • The presence of flowers and fruits on the cake depends on market availability.
  • Follow these instructions for optimal enjoyment:
    • Consume the cake within 3 days after delivery as it is perishable.
    • Store the cake in the refrigerator and serve it cool.
    • Be cautious of small plastic or wooden supporters used for presentation; remove them before serving.
    • Avoid punching the cake on anyone's face, as it is not advisable.

Order now and relish the delightful taste of this cake at your special gatherings!


Fruit FIlling Cake

SKU: FCK-493

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